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Wuz up, I'm Criket Da Gift

The Rap God King

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A lyrical Genius straight outta The Land of The Heartless.
I'm an artist with a story to tell and a passion for making the best music.
I'm The Rap God King!
My bars are always packed with wit, energy, and pure passion. I'll take you on a journey with my unapologetic lyrics.
If Tupac was infused with Eminem you'd get
Criket Da Gift or at least that's what I was told when I was Nominated Top 10 Artist of the year in 2015.
But I'll let the music speak for itself as I have evolved since then. My music is full of energy and power my flow is second to none. So if you're looking for a cool and exciting sound, look no further. My music has been praised for its hard-hitting lyrics and emotional depth. But I'll let you be the judge. So stay tuned 4truth!!!

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Indie Domination

3 Timeless albums

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Music that takes you on an adventure.e

My Repentance

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A classic album that provides an incomparable experience.

Sex, Drugs, and Rap Music

Nothing compares to the unique sound of this album

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Since the age of 13, after hearing Thuggish Ruggish Bone by BTNH, I have dedicated myself to being one of the best up and coming rappers in the game. As a youth in Cleveland OH and later Beaver Falls, PA, life threw me curveballs due to gang violence, selling drugs, having children at a young age, and eventually serving 5 years in state prison. Through it all, my passion for rap kept me going as I pursued a career as an artist. After much hustling and dedication to my craft, I was featured in XXL magazine twice in 2015 and was even nominated for Top 10 Hip Hop Artist of the Year for my renditions of Rap God and It Ain't Easy - which I wrote as tributes to my idols Eminem and the late great Tupac Shakur. Growing up on my own since 6 years old has been no easy task and eventually led to major depression with psychotic features, anti-social personality disorder, and even suicide attempts that nearly took my life several times.  After being released from prison in 2020, I've made it my mission to make a difference in the lives of others through music and creative expression. I am a lyrical genius. With the ambition of being crowned the next G.O.A.T., I have released a steady stream of music for my fans to feast on, ranging from my single American to my album Sex Drugs and Rap Music. It is only fitting that I begin 2023 with the single Greatness and my newest album Knowledge. For all music lovers out there who appreciate bars filled with knowledge and the music that comes with it, you do not want to miss this! Trust me when I say, 2023 is going to be great! 4Truth!

Classic albums that provide an incomparable experience

3 outstanding albums that music lovers are sure to appreciate!

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Album #1 will take you on journey.

My Repentance

Uncover my story of prison, family, freedom & hip-hop. A gripping album about my journey from behind bars to a blossoming career in music as The Rap God King.

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Album #2 is a must have!

Sex, Drugs, and rap music

An album that brings to life my stories of Sex, Drugs, and Rap in the music industry through the eyes of a Schizophrenic.

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My 3rd Album, is a special treat for all music fans!

This album confronts my issues with today's society and boldly declares that I'm the next rap G.O.A.T.


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